Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Barefoot Theatre Company forms Film/TV/Media Production Co.

Barefoot Studio Pictures - 
Founded by a small group of Ensemble Members from New York City's critically acclaimed Barefoot Theatre Company, Barefoot Studio Picutres is an LA & NYC based independent company dedicated to the production and development of feature, short and viral films.  

Reminiscent of the gritty, visceral and character driven pictures from the late 60's and early 70's era, we explore stories from a truthful place that ignite passion, incite laughter, and provoke discussion.  As bold, commanding and powerful as its theatrical partner, Barefoot Studio Pictures promises to take artistic risks to bring a memorable cinematic experience to life.    

Company (pictured from L to R): Will Allen, Joseph Sousa, Dan Graff, Christopher Whalen, Francisco Solorzano & Jeremy Brena (not pictured).   

Contact: 6711 Yucca Street, # 214, Hollywood, CA 90028 / PH: (212) 802-8305.   Members joined this past month in Los Angeles office to take part in a writing retreat.  There are currently several projects in the works.  

Stay tuned for more info and preproduction news.  

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